Welcome, at The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative

Our purpose is to transform how the world works, to align business and pleasure as mutually inclusive, so that more people live life and business with passion, purposefully, and collaboratively.

Meet one of our co-founders

Paul J. Lange is co-founder of The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. A collective of private equity investors and serial business owners, in Business with a Purpose, in Business for Good. To learn more about Paul, click the button below.

Join us being a B1G1 Business For Good

We are Lifetime Partners of B1G1, creator of the Business For Good movement. Click the "Find out more" button for more information about the Business For Good movement and how your business can contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Join us as a B1G1 Certified Giver.

Let's talk about YOU!

We'll get to the nut's and bolts of the business shortly. Let's first talk about YOU! The primary stakeholder in the business for purposes of working with us. You might be the founder, business owner, CEO, Chairperson or another senior person/C-Suite executive.

You're Passionate About

Helping Others, Leaving the world a better place than you found it, Adventure & Fun, Results, Healthy Living

You Love

Solving problems, People, Success, Action

You Value

Information, Relationships, Attraction

You Hate

Inefficiencies, Contention, Negativity, Excuses

You Cope

Self Assurance, Movement, Sufficient Detail

If this is you! Reach out for a free call to discuss where you want to go and how we can help.

3 ways to engage


We don't care about what you know. We care about what you don't know. Where are your blind spots?


When you're ready to level up, we have hedonist experts to help you to grow and scale to any height.


This is the radio station we're all tuned into, and so should you.


Get to know us ...

Our aim is to work with only a relatively small number of select businesses!


We're unconventional, far from mainstream and we have no desire to work with average. Everything we do is designed to filter out people who are either unable, or unprepared to think differently. 


Sound principles underly our way of working so that the talent and creativity of the business that drives innovation can explore, create and expand with the guidance of a commercial sextant. It's more of a boundary that can be pushed rather than a bottomline that pushes back.


Our values are integrity, respect and love. Of these love is by far the most powerful. Whether you love what you do, you love your customers, your customers love you and your business, or you simply have love for all living things, everything is within reach of the person and business who loves and is loved.

Being a Business For Good means you are a business, not a charity.


Purpose, People, Planet, Profits still results in profits!

We believe ...

When you know why you are in business, and that reason is connected to something more meaningful than the size of your bank account, you attract to you people who can help you to realise everything you set your mind to achieve. Hedonist Entrepreneurs know and follow their why passionately and unreservedly; and help others ready to do the same.

Our Focus

Our focus is to achieve harmony and integration of personal pleasure, fulfilment and happiness with the pursuit of commercial endeavours as a business for good.

When it comes to intercourse ...

Our communications style is open, honest and transparent. We strive to avoid attributing meaning to what happens or what is said. Instead we acknowledge what actually happens as the external manifestations of paradigms directing the internal narrative.

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